Helicopter Money: The New Form of Monetary Easing in the Eurozone?

  •  Nikolaos Kyriazis    
  •  Emmanouil Economou    


Although unconventional measures by the ECB have been very extensive so as to fortify the Eurozone’s financial system the question of whether more drastic measures are necessary, is at the forefront of newly aroused academic debate. This paper’s main effort is to conceptualize helicopter drops in the Eurozone before hindsight in order to shed some light on how feasible are more drastic measures for the Eurozone and how they could further attenuate moral hazard problems. An early understanding of overt money financing will help in better driving monetary policy and emphasize whether the benefits of more and free money printing could bring about a heal for the wreckages of the EU membership status.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.