Empirical Investigation of Symmetric and Asymmetric Target Adjustment Models: Capital Structure of Non-Financial Firms in Jordan

  •  Bashar Abu Khalaf    


The different capital structure theories propose the possible asymmetric behavior of capital structure. Thus, this paper empirically investigates whether non-financial Jordanian firms follow symmetrical or asymmetrical adjustment model. Then, an interaction model with the size and profitability (firm characteristics) investigated the impact of low/high profit and small/large size on the adjustment of leverage towards the target leverage ratio. This paper covered the period of 14 years (2002-2015) for a total of 110 companies listed on Amman Stock Exchange (75 industrial and 35 services). Results indicate that although Jordanian firms seek a target leverage ratio, their adjustment towards that target is Asymmetrical and high profitable and large companies tend to adjust faster than low profitable and small size companies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.