Qatar Emerging as the Most Attractive FDI Destination in the GCC

  •  Manuel Fernandez    
  •  Robinson Joseph    


In this era of globalization and high competition each and every nation is trying to attract maximum investments from overseas for the development and growth of the economy. All GCC economies are in the growth mode and are dependent on the revenue from oil, but the current decline in oil prices have very badly affected these economies and all are targeting to secure maximum foreign direct investments (FDI). Many of the developed nations and Multinational Corporations are in the search of the best destinations for their investments. The purpose of this study is to identify the most attractive destination for FDI in the GCC. The flow of FDI into a country depends on the availability of a number of factors. This study probes into the existence of each of these factors in the various GCC countries. Secondary data is used to rank each country on the basis of the parameters that attract FDI. The findings indicate that Qatar is emerging as the most attractive FDI destination in the GCC. This paper is useful for all countries and MNCs who are searching for investment destinations in the GCC as it ranks the countries on the basis of the attractiveness of various determinants of FDI.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.