Analysis of Factors Affecting: Sales Volume of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Surabaya

  •  Martha Suhardiyah    
  •  Subakir -    
  •  Sulistyowati -    


The purpose of this study is to investigate and examine the factors that affect the sales volume SMEs, respondent 101 SMEs obtained that variable Venture Capital (X1) Number of Workers (X2), Hours of Work (X3), Experience (X4) of the Sales Volume (Y), simultaneously influence while variable Production technology and Innovation (X5) and Strategic Marketing (X6) of the Sales Volume (Y) partially has dominant influence.

The research instrument used questionnaire, were analyzed using multiple linear regression analysis. The unit of analysis of this research is the management of SMEs Surabaya, who became the target Cooperatives and SME Surabaya in 2013 as many as 315 SMEs engaged in some business sectors such as the following: Handicraft (39), Sewing (16), Handicraft Water Hyacinth (38), ribbon embroidery (44), Processed fish (29), Pastry (50), Wet Cake (50) Beverages (26), crackers (37). In this study took a sample of 101 respondents from various fields of business data analysis contained significant effect on the dependent variable, and the result is expected to be used as one of the considerations in making decisions in developing SMEs.

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