Analysis on the Factors Influencing the International Technology Transfer Based on ISM Model

  •  Jing Shouwu    
  •  Xia Yong    
  •  Li Zheng    


The technology is not only an indispensable element involved in international trade, but also an important factor affecting the comparative advantage and trade patterns in international trade. Based on predecessors’ research and practice experience, this dissertation selects 20 factors to study the influencing factors, such as international technology transfer, the construction of infrastructure, the complexity of technological progress, economic development level and so on. By using the ISM model, the paper studies the correlation and gradation of influencing factors of international technology transfer. The analysis indicates there are 4 direct factors on surface and. 6 factors on path: the applicability and negotiability of the technology, international technology transfer intermediary. 3 direct factors: the construction of infrastructure. 5 indirect factors: environment changes of international economy, the complexity of technological progress. 2 factors in deep roots: economic development level and changes of industrial structure. Based on this, the paper puts forward corresponding countermeasures and suggestions from five aspects. Meanwhile, it provides certain references to improve the international technology transfer level, promote using international technology transfer to improve technology level, and upgrade the industrial structure.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.