The Challenges and Imperative of Tax System Reform in Nigeria

  •  Nwosu Eze    
  •  Tondo Iorwuese    
  •  Wali Abba    


Tax ranks next to the petroleum sector in terms of volume of public revenue generation in Nigeria as it is a major player in every society of the world. Government imposes taxes on the citizens in order to finance its activities and creates a conducive business environment for its citizens. In the process, responsibilities are assigned to three key elements namely, tax payers, tax authorities and the government. While tax authorities ensure effective collection of tax revenue to the government, tax payers are merely fulfilling their civic responsibilities and obligations. However, the tax system in Nigeria is confronted by myriad problems; multiplicity of taxation, especially among the three tiers of the government, low quality personnel, among others. This raises the need for reforms in the management of the tax system in Nigeria.

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