The Role of Credit Scoring, Cost and Product Discrimination in Improving the Competitiveness of Jordanian Insurance Companies

  •  Mohammad Saleh    
  •  Jamil Jaber    
  •  Abdullah Al-khawaldeh    


The turbulent start of the new century has brought new challenges for firms and countries. Survival and success in this period increasingly depends on competitiveness. Competitiveness is described in different ways by researchers. The focus of this paper extends earlier works on the role of credit scoring, cost of insurance and product discrimination in improving competitiveness in insurance companies to increase the demand of insurance policies. The paper strength is that the competitive advantage of insurance companies is measured from perspective of the insured. In the result show there is a significant effect of credit scoring, cost and product discrimination on competition in insurance companies. Also, there is a lack of understanding of the concept of insurance in Jordanian companies because they lack people who are specialist in insurance. OLS and ANOVA test are used in this paper.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.