The Empirical Study of Heterogeneity Firm’s Internationalization Path Selection

  •  Weizhong Jiang    
  •  Xi Xie    


This article explores the heterogeneity firm’s internationalization path selection by The New Trade Theory. Considering the firm’s heterogeneity, based on the listed automobile company, do empirical study on three internationalization path selection which are Export, Foreign Direct Investment(FDI) and Outsourcing, considered five micro factors including productivity, R&D investment and other two macro factors, think of the scale of three internationalization path as explanatory variables, take the regression by weighted least square, principal components estimation, Panel Data Regression Model respectively and have a good goodness of fit. Combined with the national automobile firm’s internationalization path selection, we build a comprehensive selection model of the firm’s internationalization path selection, analyze the differential impact on the three path selection separately. Finally, we make suggestions to the national automobile firm’s internationalization path selection and promote the model.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.