A Trend Analysis of the Patronage of the E-Zwich Cashless System in Ghana for the Period 2008-2014

  •  Samuel Azinga    
  •  Henry Mensah    


It is nearly a decade since the E-Zwich system was introduced in Ghana. In this paper, the researchers conducted a trend analysis to understand the system’s patronage from a historical perspective. Annual industry data on eight (8) indicators of patronage of the E-Zwich system from the year of its introduction (2008) to the year 2014 were employed. Descriptive statistics and line graphs are used to analyse the data. Our analysis shows that subscriptions to the E-Zwich system increased steadily in terms of all indicators for the period under review, except that the number of cash deposits had an erratic fall for the period 2013/2014. We conclude that patronage for the system is considerable from a historical perspective.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.