Dual Perspective of Inflation toward Market Development

  •  Muhammad Malik    
  •  Mustabsar Awais    
  •  Waqar Hassan    
  •  Faisal Hayat    
  •  Shahbaz Hussain    
  •  Aisha Khursheed    


Stock markets are reflector of trade and economic prosperity across the globe, it comprised of multiple physical and mental components. Economists featured investors and their handsome cash balances among fundamental elements of capital markets. Financial experts along with practitioners developed economic models to engage shareholders by portraiting historical performance and future banefits of securities. Present study attempted to investigate the potential of inflation rate for casuing market returns under the concept of Ross (1976) pricing theory. CPI is used as proxy of inflation and KSE returns for measuring securities behaviours. Low inflationary (2000-2004) and High inflationary (2010-2014) durations as sample periods are privileged to empirically examine twofold intensity of CPI toward index of Pakistani markets. Linear regression analysis declared inflation rate as poor model for estimation of capital market returns, furthermore CPI resulted significant as well as insignificant casual relationship with positive and negative intensity toward KSE returns.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.