Practical Mechanism Design and Strategic Choice of China’s Industry Green Transformation: Base on the Perspective of Game Theory

  •  Chaofan Chen    
  •  Yun Wang    


Nowadays, green economy has become the trend of world, and an industrial revolution as the core of green development has emerged. China’s industry experiences 30 years development, the resources and environment problems highlight increasingly, so it needs to transform into green development. However, both academic and practice do not have perfect practical mechanism of green transformation, and is also lack of strategic support system. Given this, Firstly, the paper researches the interactive relationship among main bodies in china’s industry green transformation by using the game theory; Secondly, on basis of the game results, focusing on different bodies’ main responsibilities and interests, we design the practical industry green transformation mechanism which taking the government as leading body, the industry circle & industrial enterprises & public as executing body, and the financial institution & transaction center & scientific research institute etc. as supporting body; Finally, in order to establish the policy framework, we propose “six in one” strategic choice of industry green transformation from government, region, industry, enterprise, society and individual’s view.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.