Analysis of the Regions in Terms of Promoting Regional Development of Republic of Macedonia

  •  Jankulovski Nikolche    
  •  Angelova Biljana    
  •  Dojchinovski Trajan    
  •  Bojkovska Katerina    
  •  Arapcheska Mila    
  •  Jankulovska Angjelka    


The regional development is complex and long-term process, which main objective is decreasing differences in development within the planning regions. The complexity of the regional development is based on its multidimensionality, which implies presence of multiple elements, including: economic, social, spacious, cultural and many other elements of the development. Therefore, the successful implementation of the strategies and policies for regional development is in direct dependence on overall awareness of the concept of regional development, efficient connection of the regional development policy with the sectoral policies, and providing the necessary support by the relevant institutions.

The main objective of this thesis is to indicate the disparities between regions in direction of encouraging and developing balanced regional development of the Republic of Macedonia.

For the purpose of this research comparative analysis of the condition of the economic development of Local Government Units of Republic of Macedonia is being conducted.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.