The Relationship between Credit Risk Management and Profitability between Investment and Commercial Banks in Palestine

  •  Mohammed Bayyoud    
  •  Nermeen Sayyad    


Credit risk management is one of the vital aspects of the financial institutions regardless of their nature. For a more comprehensive analysis of Palestine banking sector, investment and commercial banks both were chosen for assessing the relationship between credit risk management and profitability. Explanatory design of study helped in assessing the casual effect relationship between the research variables. The regression model was used for gathering quantitative findings while structured interview from bank managers was selected for gathering qualitative data. The findings of the regression model in the current study confirmed that there is no consequence of credit risk on profitability of commercial and investment banks of Palestine. Additionally, it was also found that there is no difference between the Palestinian commercial and investment banks concerning the relationship.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.