Apropos of Accounting Information Indicators as Determinants of Cash Dividend Policy Decision: A Comparative Study on Amman Stock Exchange (2001-2013)

  •  Thair Kaddumi    
  •  Qais Al-Kilani    


Investor’s psychological behavior normally seek to invest in companies that are characterized by stable and positive dividend stream. Dividend policy is related to the decision of whether to distribute or not to distribute cash to shareholder. This type of decision is not taken in isolation from other related financial factors, as such decision is considered an integrated part of the company’s overall financial decisions. This study aims at investigating the apropos of accounting information indicators (financial indicators) and their role in determining cash dividend policy adopted by companies listed within the major sectors of Amman Stock exchange. Extracting the accounting information indicators pertaining to the three main sectors (Banking, Industrial and Services) of ASE, and by applying the simple linear regression statistical approach, the results indicated that the dividend policy adopted by the three sectors were mainly determined by accounting information indicators and that the impact of these indicators on cash dividend policy vary due to dissimilarity of the sectors’ nature, whereas the results pointed out that different indicator affect different sector, which means that the impact of the accounting information is not identical on cash dividend policy decision.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.