Proliferation of E-Newspapers and Its Financial Impact on the Publishing Industry in UAE

  •  Jacob Cherian    
  •  Sherine Farouk    


Currently online news sites have greatly satisfied the expectations of the readers, and there has been a decrease in the circulation of print newspapers. Proliferation of various e newspapers has given a lot of choices to people so that there is a growing competition between the two. Here an attempt is made to gather all the available literature resources so that the research will enable the printing industry to think of moving in a different direction. As the world is moving fast in terms of technology the easiest option to save time and get the information via internet. The senior citizens still opt for the traditional form of newspapers. The development of multiple communication mediums such as the internet, smart phones or e-readers supports the UAE youngsters to get the news rapidly. It also provides the information up-to-date, faster by using internet technology. The online media impact on print media begins on the different views of print media such as print revenue, demand, market share, profitability, subscription and advertising revenue. The male students in UAE colleges prefer reading newspapers in online than the female. This research focuses on the qualitative study of the e newspapers advantage over the Print News papers.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.