Trends of Project Funding in Provincial-Level Agricultural Research Institutions in China and Recommendations for Fund Management

  •  Xia Li    
  •  Ying Chen    
  •  Hezhong Dong    


With the increasing attention of both central and local governments to agricultural science and technology activities in China, according to the survey on an academy and its 3 institutes, the funding of projects in provincial agricultural research institutions has a rapid growth in total amount, significant changes in sources and structure of funds, varied fund management methods and diversified project organization. However, there are problems of disconnection between fund management and project management, budget preparation and actual demand, asset management and financial supervision and project expenditure and scientific research realities. Given these characteristics and existing problems, we recommend the establishment of an improved financial management system, standardized management of scientific research funds, scientific budget planning, enhanced fund use efficiency, appropriate management tools for project funds and strengthening of fund supervision and management.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.