Study on Cross-Administration Innovation System of the Yangtze River Delta

  •  Dae Shik Lee    
  •  Hongda Liu    
  •  Yilong Pan    


Since the decentralization of China, regional governments have got more power on how to allocate their investment and set the performance criteria for economic sectors. Strengthened by the regional specific culture, geography and language, administration-based regional innovation system developed quite rapidly in China with great diversity. But with the development of the regional economy, when the traditional administrative division overemphasizes this local benefit to prevent innovation essential factors from flowing and restrict innovation efficiency, the innovation system must surmount the administrative division to carry on innovation in an appropriate region. According to analysis of the yearbooks of Jiang and Zhe provinces and Shanghai, we discovered that the Yangtze River Delta CARIS is a developing model that is a core impetus and supplementary coexisting model and meanwhile a circle proliferation model.  Through the research of innovation system in the Yangtze River Delta, the establishment of CARIS is hardly needed in China for the reason of special administrative divisions. Meanwhile, some suggestions are given about how to promote the cross-administration innovation system.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.