Micro Finance for Poverty Alleviation: A Commercialized View

  •  Nikhil Chandra Shil    


The world is getting more matured in terms of level of sophistication. At the same time it becomes a threat due to the difficulty of having areas where further sophistication is possible. But, now, the most sensitive problem for all is the severe poverty. It is the darkest chapter of the world where more and more people are enlisting their names. If this process continued for unlimited time, once it will be suicidal for all of us irrespective of poor or rich. This paper put focus on the poor society, which concludes that if the poor are funded and focused, they can build their own fate. The poor need funds and suggestions to get rid of the curse of poverty. Grameen Model is outlined here with some replicated ideas so that it can be used in a more sophisticated and commercial way. Such commercialization will help to extend the scope of credit program from individuals to small businesses for which sometimes it may be difficult to get loan from regulated financial institutions.  An earnest effort has been made to make the micro-credit programs and methodologies comprehendible with the process of diffusion and usability from a commercial perspective. Such perspective is important to give micro finance program an institutional modality that will ultimately ensure long-term existence.     

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.