The Research of Promoting the Chinese Banking Industry Core Competitiveness under the Financial Globalization Background

  •  Jingting Ma    
  •  Jing Sun    


Along with the Chinese financial market unceasing opening, the financial globalization tendency develops thoroughly, various countries financial market relation is closer, the internationalization degree enhances day by day. The financial innovation and the comprehensive management tendency develop unceasingly, between various professions seeps mutually. The international finance competition is more and more intense; the capital interstate flowing scale expands unceasingly, the element of certainty increases. If Chinese banking industry wants to survival and develop in the competition environment, only then promotes its financial innovation ability, according to the market demand change and own business development condition, promotes the financial product which can satisfy the customer and the market demand unceasingly, can expand the market share unceasingly, is in an impregnable position in the intense market competition.

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