The Unemployment Rate and Labor Force Participation Rate Nexus for Female: Evidence from Turkey

  •  Zekeriya Yildirim    


This paper investigates the relationship between unemployment rate and labor force participation rate for urban women in Turkey. By conducting our cointegration analysis on the aggregate and education-specific data, we find that there is a long-run relationship between the two variables for better-educated urban women, but not for total and less-educated urban women. Thus, our analysis reveals no evidence that high unemployment rate is a main driving force behind both the puzzle of low female labor force participation and the under-participation trap.  Long-run estimates for better-educated urban women show that a 1% increase in unemployment rate causes an increase in labor force participation rate between of 0.64% and 0.74%. The finding implies that there exists the added-worker effect for better-educated female in urban areas. Furthermore, the results of tests on causality show evidence of both short- and long-run unidirectional causality running from unemployment rate to labor force participation rate, but not vice versa.


This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.