Fair Value, Capital Accumulation and Financial Instability: A Macrodynamic Model

  •  Slaheddine Yagoubi    
  •  Mekki Hamdaoui    


This article examines the relationship between fair value accounting and ambivalences of the modern finance. The subprime crisis has opened the debate. Much empirical work at the micro level has developed to study the financial and economic impacts of this tool. The accelerator and amplificatory effect of this tool and its role and the cyclical transmission of contagion, remain ambiguous. In this regard, two points of view have proved controversial. We identify its shortcomings by a macro dynamic model for the purpose of stimulating financial stability. The interest rate is set by banks according to a weighting that varies with capacity utilization and capital accumulation. System stability is studied according to the Minsky’s regime which recognizes the role of interest rates as a source of crisis.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.