The Attitudes of Managers and Stakeholders towards Corporate Social and Environmental Disclosure

  •  Omer M Elsakit    
  •  Andrew C Worthington    


Many studies have been conducted in order to investigate the reasons behind the differences in corporate social and environmental disclosure (CSED) practices throughout the world. Firm’s characteristics, corporate governance, and contextual factors are provided as influential determinants of the level and quality of CSED. The impact of these determinants can be seen in the attitudes and behaviours of the two main parties in the issue of CSED; information preparers and information users. The level and the quality of CSED made by companies can be justified by investigating and understanding what motivates their managers and stakeholders to involve in social and environmental issues. This paper presents the possible reasons which might be better looked at and investigated by researchers, in order to understand the current practices of CSED and to predict the future trend of such practices.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.