Health and Economic Implications of Waste Dumpsites in Cities: The Case of Lagos, Nigeria

  •  I. Oluranti Ogunrinola    
  •  E. Omosalewa Adepegba    


Refuse dumpsites are found both within and on the outskirts of cities in Nigeria and due to poor and ineffective management, the dumpsites turn to sources of health hazards to people living in the vicinity of such dumps. This study was designed to examine the health and economic implications of solid waste disposal among sampled residents of two major refuse disposal dumps in Lagos, Nigeria. The data used for the study were generated from primary source, while SPSS software was used in the data analyses. In addition to the descriptive analysis which forms the bedrock for the conclusion drawn in this paper, both linear probability and ordinary least squares regression models were also used in the analyses. The models examined the determinants of health status as well as the labour supply of the sampled respondents respectively. The results show that pollution variables are statistically significant in the determination of health status as well as the labour supply performance of respondents. Based on these findings, policy measures that would enhance the health status and improved labour market performance of residents were proposed.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.