Do Monetary Policy Transparency, Independence and Credibility Enhance Macro-Financial Stability?

  •  Eleftherios SPYROMITROS    
  •  Sukriye TUYSUZ    


This paper, using panel data approach, evaluates the effect of, respectively, the central bank transparency, independence and credibility on, respectively, the level and variability of realized and expected economic performance. It also analyzes the effects of central banks characteristics on the level and variability of Government bond rate. The results obtained suggest that central bank independence does not influence the realized and expected level and variability of economic performance. As for the central bank transparency, our findings are consistent with the view that greater transparency could have a desirable reputational effect that lowers inflation expectations and long-term nominal interest rates. Finally, our results show that central bank credibility negatively influences the level and variability of Government bond rate.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.