Decomposition of Earnings-to-Price (E/P) Effect

  •  Walid Saleh    
  •  Ayman Bitar    


Saleh (2007) employed the Fama and French (1993) three-factor model to investigate the ability of earnings-to-price (E/P), amongst other measures, to explain the cross-sectional stock returns over the period 1980-2000. Inconsistent with previous research, Saleh concluded that the loading of SMB and HML factors is not significant and, thus, he tried to explain these findings by using a multi-factor model.

This paper aims to expand Saleh’s (2007) work and thus seeks to explore the earnings-to-price (E/P) performance by decomposing the E/P effect into two components; financial effect and operational effect. The results confirm that SMB and HML factors captured some variation in stock returns that is not captured by the market return.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.