Research on Asset Inheritance of High Net Worth Family Trust in Recent Years

  •  Ya Yujia    


In recent years, with the rapid development of social economy and the acceleration of wealth accumulation, family trust has gradually attracted widespread attention and application as an asset inheritance tool. As a special wealth management tool, family trust aims to help families maintain wealth and achieve long-term wealth inheritance goals. In the research of predecessors, it mainly expounds the unique advantages of family trust on the basis of the huge demand for wealth inheritance in the Chinese market. The obstacles encountered by family trust in China’s localisation and the innovation model proposed in response to the obstacles. In these studies, a series of problems arising from different policies and stages of development of the country have been ignored. With the economic development, the market demand for China’s wealth inheritance continues to expand, and the Chinese government and related institutions are also gradually reforming. On this basis, this article uses the literature analysis method to understand the new policies proposed in family trusts in China and the practical problems faced by high-net-worth families in the post-epidemic era by consulting a large number of materials. Then use the comparative analysis method to summarise the development of family trusts in China through the research and comparison of family trusts in different countries, put forward constructive opinions on the inheritance of family assets with high net worth in China, discuss the research progress of family trust in the field of asset inheritance in recent years with a thinking method, and analyse it in different cultures. And the application and impact in the legal context.

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