Ownership Structure, Board Characteristics and Firm Performance: Evidence from Bangladesh

  •  S. M. Kalbin Salema    


Using a panel of listed manufacturing companies in Bangladesh, this paper intends to empirically assess the relationship between firm-level governance mechanisms and firm performance using an integrated theoretical framework. For this purpose, data has been compiled from Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE); and published yearly annual reports of particular organizations. The empirical findings of this paper shed light on the impact of ownership structure and board characteristics on its firm’s performance measure by the accounting rate of the return on assets. Although these results are in line with the majority of the literature, this model can still be examined using other proxy measures of firm performance and/or more years of observation. Findings of this study can be useful to managers, investors, and regulators, especially those who want to change their company’s ownership structure and board composition to increase its performance on the stock market.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.