The Transition of E-Commerce Industry in Bangladesh: Added Concerns & Ways of Recovery

  •  Md Shahnur Azad Chowdhury    
  •  Mohammad Arafat Uddin Bappi    
  •  Mohammad Nahid Imtiaz    
  •  Sayema Hoque    
  •  Serajul Islam    
  •  Md. Shariful Haque    


The retail business is undergoing a huge upheaval around the world, and Bangladesh is following suit. In Bangladesh, ecommerce is still a new and developing business that is rapidly expanding. We have outlined the current fresh issues and areas for improvement in Bangladesh’s ecommerce sector in this research. It also tries to depict the overall recent controversial scenarios of ecommerce in Bangladesh. The paper is organized by anatomizing various secondary sources on ecommerce news and articles. Moreover, During the covid-19 situation this sector has glimpsed a remarkable upthrust as to people are barred from going outside to get their regular commodities. Following this uprising, even in this post pandemic condition, ecommerce business in Bangladesh has emerged tremendously. But some ecommerce ventures fabricated fraudulence and treachery with consumers which let this potential sector on the edge of destruction now. Necessary numerous steps must be needed to make available different facilities and establishing policies to rebuild trust in ecommerce as well as to ensure transparency. Thus, this article comprises suggestions and ways of recovery and for improvements in overall legal framework and operational activities to overcome current sensitive state of ecommerce in Bangladesh.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.