Evaluating the Trend of Trade between the Same Categories in the Human Development Index (HDI)

  •  Eman Adel Eid Hassan    


The first report of the human development index was at 1990, it is an important tool to evaluate the progress in the countries by GDP growth and social issues. Is the classification of HDII enough to explain the international relation between the categories of the countries that belongs to the same level of HDI? Giving evidences to grow the trend of trade between the nearest GDP countries, it is a formula of HDI and trade, the paper divided into three sections, First: The distribution of the human development index in the global and the areas that appeared; Second: Evaluate the distribution of the human development index in the top ten world; Third: Export between the top 10 HDI countries. Is really the full assessment of human development need a much broader set of indicators than the HDI alone? Can add the export rate to discuss the impact on the economic growth and the increasing on the income at the top ten countries at HDI? (Ranis, Stewart, & Samman, 2006).

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.