IFRS 16 - Impact on the Assets of the Major Airlines Operating in Brazil

  •  Renan Eidy Suzuki Tofanelo    
  •  Rodolfo Vieira Nunes    
  •  George André Willrich Sales    


The article aims to study the impacts that the adoption of IFRS 16 will have on the financial position, that is, what will be the impact on the total value of assets of airlines operating in the Brazilian market. It is evident that the new accounting of aircraft acquired through operating leases, an essential tool for any company in the sector, is fully in line with the essence of the operation. Therefore, the authors structured the methodology through a comparison of indicators between 3 companies in the Brazilian airline industry, together with data collection through accounting information obtained in explanatory notes on future payments of operating leases. The findings show that, with IFRS 16, there were significant changes in the indebtedness indicators of companies, due to the significant changes in the accounting of assets, affecting the capital structure and profitability of companies.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.