Research on Logistics Cost Control of E-commerce Enterprise from the Perspective of Value Chain– A Case Study of Pinduoduo

  •  Guo Guihang    
  •  Wu Yanqin    
  •  Guo Chuyao    


Recently, with the rapid development of social platforms, social e-commerce enterprises are also rising. However, in the process of development, logistics cost has become a big constraint. Taking Pinduoduo as an example, this paper adopts case analysis method and literature review method to study how to help e-commerce enterprises control logistics costs from the perspective of value chain. By analyzing, this paper finds that for internal value chain of Pinduoduo, it faces problems of inadequate supervision of delivery cost, unreasonable freight rate, and high reverse logistic cost. For external value chain, Pinduoduo faces problems of low loyalty from users, high competitiveness from competitors and imperfect sinking market value chain. Aiming at these problems, this paper puts forward the following suggestions. For internal value chain, Pinduoduo should adopt JIT and ABC method, strengthen the supervision of delivery cost, and improve the efficiency of after-sale service. For external value chain, Pinduoduo needs to establish strong relationship with suppliers and customers. Most importantly, forming an infallible information system is essential.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.