Does Reminding of Behavioural Biases Increase Returns from Financial Trading? A Field Experiment

  •  Maria De Paola    
  •  Francesca Gioia    
  •  Fabio Piluso    


Nudge policies are interventions that aim to guide the individual to behave according to the policy’s objectives without changing the option set or economic incentives. We ran a field experiment to investigate whether nudge policies, consisting in behavioural insight messaging, help to improve performance in financial trading. Our experiment involved students enrolled in a financial trading course in an Italian University who were invited to trade on Borsa Italiana’s virtual platform. Students were randomly assigned to a control group and a treatment group. Treated students received a message reminding them of the existence of behavioural biases in financial trading. We find that treated students significantly improve the performance of their portfolio. Several behaviours may explain the increase in performance. We find evidence pointing to a reduction in the home and status quo biases for risk averse nudged participants.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.