The Role of the Balanced Scorecard on Performance: Case Study of the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance

  •  Sakhr Bani Khaled    
  •  Audeh Bani-Ahmad    


This study aimed at identifying the extent of the use of the balanced scorecard in the Housing Bank for Trade and Finance, as was laid out in the Bank's plans. Therefore, employee and customer surveys were conducted to study both the internal Perspectives of operations, growth, and learning, and to measure customer satisfaction with the bank's services. The study also conducted an analysis of the financial performance compared to the index of the industry related to the Jordanian banks. After analyzing the data and hypotheses, the study found that the use of the balanced scorecard came in line with its strategic plans, and the financial performance of the bank was superior to the banking sector. The study recommends an increased use of balanced scorecards in order to sustain customer satisfaction.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.