“Take Photos to Make Money” APP’s Task Pricing

  •  Yong-Qi Huang    
  •  Ying-Yu Du    
  •  Can-Xu Yao    
  •  Yuan-Biao Zhang    


“Take photos to make money” APP is a self-service crowdsourcing platform based on mobile internet, providing enterprises with a variety of business inspection and information collection. Whether the task’s pricing is reasonable is the key to whether APP can play its role effectively. Based on the data of “China Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling” in 2017 and taking Guangzhou as an example, this paper studies the factors affecting the task pricing and the reasons for the unfinished tasks by using the multiple linear regression model and K-Means clustering analysis, and obtains a new price scheme combining BP neural network and ergodic search algorithm. Compared with the original scheme, not only the completion rate of the new pricing scheme is improved, but also the cost is reduced, which better meets the interests of both members and entrepreneurs.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.