Electrical Conductivity and Chemical Equilibria of Coordination Biopolymeric Cerium (IV)-Alginate Complex with Correlation between the Structure and Complex Stability

  •  Ishaq Zaafarany    
  •  Hatem Altass    
  •  Jabir Alfahemi    
  •  Khalid Khairou    
  •  Refat Hassan    


In this research study, the cross-linked cerium (IV)-alginate complex, as coordination biopolymeric compound in the granules form, was prepared. It has been indicated from the x-ray diffraction patterns that the nature of alginate complex is amorphous. Additionally, it has been revealed from the infrared absorption spectra that cerium (IV) chelates the alginate macromolecular chains in the complex. The study has displayed that the range of us OCO- is 1424 cm-1and the range of uasOCO- is 1605 cm-1. This indicates that a complexation type between the cation Ce4+ and both carboxylate and hydroxyl functional groups of alginate macromolecule is usually takes place. The study has also measured the electrical conductivity (s) of coordination biopolymeric cerium (IV)-alginate complex, as function of temperature. It has been indicated from the measured value of the electrical conductivity, i.e., 1.04 x10-9 Siemens at 20oC that the conductance of the complex lies in the range of semiconductors. The research has profoundly discussed with evaluation of the thermodynamic parameters. Afterwards, appropriate conduction mechanism based on the electrical conductivity and chemical equilibrium has also been suggested and discussed in terms of the complex stability in correlation with its coordination geometry.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.
  • ISSN(Print): 1916-9698
  • ISSN(Online): 1916-9701
  • Started: 2009
  • Frequency: semiannual

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