The Economic Impact of the Qualifying Industrial Estates in Jordan on the Jordanian Economic Activity: A Case Study on Al-Hassan Industrial Estate, Jordan, (2000-2014)

  •  Talal Bataineh    
  •  Khaled Aligah    
  •  Ateyah Alawneh    


This study aims at exploring the impact of exports, employment,, investment size, and the number of companies in Industrial estate and the economic activity in Jordan from 2000-2014. The economic activity was represented by the Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Statistical analysis for the model of the study demonstrated that there is a positive relationship, with statistical significance, with regard to the exports of the industrial estates in Al Hassan Industrial estate. This means that the export of Al Hassan industrial estate positively contributes to enhance the economic activities in Jordan. However, the study found a negative correlation, with a statistical significance, between employments in the industrial estates of Al Hassan industrial estates with the Gross Domestic product (GDP) since most employees at the estate are from different Jordanian nationalities. The study has also found a positive correlation between the industrial companies’ size in Al Hassan Industrial estate with the GDP, but with no significance statistical significance because the inputs of productivity are imported from outside of the country based on the partnership agreement with the United States of America, which also doesn’t reflect positively on the economic activity in Jordan. The study has come up with some significant recommendations. There is an urgent necessity to enact regulations and rules for the companies in Al-Hassan industrial estate to employ local Jordanian citizens and motivate the national investment through the financial policies and adopting the policy of diplomacy of the Jordanian investor.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.