Influences of Macau Visitor Expectations on Purchase and Behavioural Intention: Perspectives of Low-cost Carrier Passengers

  •  Chia Hsin Leou    
  •  Suk Ha Chan    
  •  Yang Li    
  •  Yang Song    


In today’s highly competitive environment, air transport is crucial to tourism development. A destination marketer must understand the reasons that affect visitors’ purchase behaviour to facilitate service quality. This study aimed to provide specific clues to understanding the low-cost airline (LCA) business in a broad context and to present a holistic perspective of the buying behaviour of low-cost carrier (LCC) passengers. Through its investigation of the motivations of LCC passengers, it found that the main determinants of passengers’ behavioural intentions rested on the values of these passengers and their satisfaction with the destination. This study adopted a qualitative approach in which 30 individuals who travelled to Macau within the last 6 months were interviewed. According to the results, the destination of Macau had a significantly positive effect on the visitors’ purchase intentions. Recommendations for destination marketers are identified in this study.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.