The Impact of Applying the Electronic Cheque Clearing System on Employees’ Satisfaction in Accounting Departments’ of Jordanian Islamic Banks

  •  Adel Qatawneh    
  •  Fairouz Aldhmour    
  •  Lara Aldmour    


This study aims to investigate the impact of applying the electronic cheque clearing system on employees’ satisfaction in Accounting Departments’ of Jordanian Islamic banks. The population of this study was the employees who work at the Accounting Departments. A random sample of (150) employees who work in Accounting departments, particularly clearing directory in the Islamic Banks in Jordan were chosen to be the sample of the study. One hundred and fifty questionnaires were distributed to the employees who work in clearing directory and those who worked in this directory in the Islamic Banks in Jordan. The results indicate that there is a weak impact of the independent variable the applying ECC system (Reliability, Responsiveness, Tangibility and Privacy) on the dependent variable (Employees’ Satisfaction) in Jordanian Islamic banks. Against expectation, the results show that only Tangibility has a positive and significant relationship with ‘Employees’ Satisfaction. The researchers recommended that employees’ satisfaction in bank sector may affect customers’ satisfaction positively or negatively because most of employees in this sector deal with customers face to face.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.