Challenges and Opportunities for the Textile Industry in Ghana: A Study of the Adinkra Textile Sub-Sector

  •  Josephine Aboagyewaa-Ntiri    
  •  Kwabena Mintah    


The purpose of the study is to examine the challenges facing the Ghanaian textile industry with emphasis on the Adinkra textile cloth printing sub sector in Ghana, as well as opportunities for improving the industry. The sub sector is distinct and has different dynamics from other sub sectors of the broader textile industry. The study informs policy makers and private sector on the factors resulting in the decline of the Adinkra textile sub sector and the need to sustain the sub sector of the textiles industry due to its heritage importance and contribution to the economy. It also examines potential business opportunities for local and international firms to invest in the textile sub market for expansion and profitability. An empirical research design with mixed-methods approach was used in this study. A qualitative approach (semi-structured interviews) was used to collect the data, coded and analysed using standard NVivo software which generated quantitative outcomes for descriptive statistical analysis. Qualitative approach was also used to interpret the findings of the study. The results indicated that, factors such as lack of access to capital, outmoded forms of technology, issues with supply chain and nature of the dyes for printing the textile cloths are primarily responsible for the declining state of the sub sector. The implications of the challenges and the declining state of the sub sector are discussed and solutions proffered to solve the challenges.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.