The Interorganizational Level in the Learning Continuum: Analytic Conceptual Scheme

  •  Anelise R. Mozzato    
  •  Claudia C. Bitencourt    
  •  Denize Grzybovski    


The objective of this theoretical essay is to propose the inclusion of the interorganizational learning level (IOL) in the analytical model of learning, legitimizing the proposal to Crossan et al. (1995), Knight (2002) Bapuji and Crossan (2004) and Knight and Pye (2005). The IOL in the learning continuum process was identified by Crossan et al. (1999), but not included in the analytical conceptual framework. This study is done for this reason, besides the intention of enhancing this fourth level of learning. The said proposal contributes to the advancement of knowledge on management and to understand the IOL in interorganizational relationships, also presenting the categories of analysis to studies in this level of theme.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.