The Impact of Media Convergence on Egyptian HR Practices: A Zoom on the Newsroom Post January 2011 Revolution

  •  Tarek A. El Badawy    
  •  Mariam Magdy    


Media convergence has proved to be a phenomenon that is here to stay. Employers and employees of media organizations are facing several challenges that come with the changing process. This study offers results from interviews conducted with employees from four media organizations in Egypt. Results show that post January 2011 revolution, media convergence has been on the rise as the result of social media's impact in influencing the political arena. Egyptian media organizations are going through incremental changes rather than radical ones. This causes confusion, frustration and inefficiency in the work of the media organizations. Human resources are facing changes in the recruitment, compensation and training methods of the newly multi-skilled journalists. Implications for managers and human resource practitioners along with recommendations and future research directions are provided.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.