Gender and Web Quality Perceptions

  •  Kholoud Qeisi    


Web presence became inevitable for businesses today particularly dynamic industries such as the financial sector. Identifying how users’ appraise website quality properties enable businesses to improve their online processes. This paper investigates gender web quality perceptions within the online banking channel in three markets employing a multidimensional construct measuring four web qualities: technical, general content, special content and appearance. Using confirmatory factor analysis, the four quality variables were testes and validated as a first-order structure. The model run retained well specified items appreciated by respondents: general content quality features of usefulness, clarity, updates and accuracy; appearance quality features of organization, readability, attractiveness and proper use of colors; special content quality features of contact details, history, customer service information and details of products and services; and technical quality features of security, valid links, search facility, download speed and valid service applications. Group analysis results indicate that bank website quality dimensions are perceived similarly among men and women and differences are not present among genders when appraising bank website quality features; however, the estimates indicate that model explanations power is higher for women than men.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.