A Case Study: How to Restructure an Open Source Teaching Website to Improve Global and Digital Presence and Usage

  •  Mike Angerbrandt    
  •  Robert Carroll    
  •  Andrew Rosenberg    
  •  Marissa Swartz    
  •  Maris Stella Swift    


This paper is about a team of students and faculty who receive almost a half a million dollars per year grant from Google Grants Pro to advertise their educational websites and mobile android applications. Google also provides detailed analytical tools used by the team to show the effectiveness of the websites.

In the past, the group restructured one of its websites (www.gvsu.edu/arbitration/) with its analytical data in mind to improve its effectiveness as a whole. As the change proved to be effective, the group decided to restructure a different website, Workplace Data (www.gvsu.edu/e-hr/). This paper is a summary of the changes that were made to: (1) The content of the website (2) The advertising campaign of the website and (3) How these changes improved the analytics.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.