Service Quality Performance Scale in Higher Education: Culture as a New Dimension

  •  Kokku Randheer    


SERVQUAL was modified to suit a particular study context time and again. Some researchers contented SERVQUAL’s accuracy to measure service quality; others argued SERVPERF to be better scale to measure the service quality. SERVPERF was modified to measure service quality in higher education and HEdPERF evolved. HEdPERF scale was developed between 2004 through 2006 which further had to be tested under different study contexts for better validity and acceptability as done for both SERVQUAL and SERVPERF scales. This study introduced Arab cultural aspects within the existing HEdPERF scale. CUL-HEdPERF, HEdPERF, SERVPERF scales were compared using student perceptions about higher education performance. Data was analyzed using multiple regression, the calculated R2, ?2, RMSEA, NNFI, IFI, NFI, CFI, AGFI revealed that CUL-HEdPERF scale scored better fitness to measure service quality in higher education among student perception in Saudi Arabian context than HEdPERF and SERVPERF. Fitness was tested for significance using ANOVA.





This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.