A Study on the Influence of Word of Mouth Communication in the Facebook Audience of Restaurants

  •  Maria Christina Lima Nunes    
  •  Rafael Lucian    


The expansion of Facebook as a social network, which aggregates countless individuals and companies, makes it a potential tool in the promotion of products and services. In this context, this research seeks to understand how word of mouth communication in a virtual platform using Facebook can be an influence in attracting new communicators. The Dali Cocina restaurant represented the experiment reference. The methodology included a descriptive phase and an experimental analysis. The first questionnaire was administered to 150 users simultaneously frequenting Facebook and restaurants. Next, the experimental phase of work took place, where 12 random guests who worked on the initial message emission through the Facebook tool participated. From there, the following parameters were monitored: the number of followers, their interactions and views of the restaurant’s Fanpage. The results confirm that the word of mouth communication through the Facebook platform is an excellent tool for disclosure in the company studied, Dali Cocina.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.