Port Governance Model by Managers’ and Customers’ Point of View: A Study at Port of Valencia, Spain

  •  Guilherme Vieira    
  •  Rafael Silva    
  •  Francisco Neto    
  •  Luiz Senna    
  •  Arturo Mulinas    


This paper shows a study of governance in the port of Valencia, Spain, based on a port governance conceptual model. The study follows a mixed approach (qualitative and quantitative) and it is based on primary data obtained through interviews with the port managers (qualitative phase) and questionnaires applied to port users (quantitative phase). The results show the applicability of the adopted port governance model, since its structure was useful for the analysis and understanding of the governance of port of Valencia. From the application of the model, an efficient and mature governance model was identified in the port of Valencia, which is perceived by the existing structure of governance, the actions of governance implemented and the results achieved, as evidenced both by the analysis of managers’ and users’ perception.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.