HRD Role in Organizational Development (A Case of Corporate Thinking at ETISALAT, UAE)

  •  Nadir Kolachi    
  •  Obasi Akan    


The paper reports on the role of HRD towards the changing practices of OD in the companies. OD practitioners always utilize HRD processes to speed up the success based on the OD practices. The best corporate thinking is to lead company towards success with simplified models & processes. This paper submits a basic approach of four steps that elaborate the role of HRD and justifies the practices of OD as required in modern companies. There are various processes that are used as company development but HRD; OD & CMP are the dominant factors for companies’ success. Organizations are not interested in evaluating and adopting complex processes but looking for simplified tactics to achieve the results as desired. This paper will describe the practical framework based on the four steps that are basic parameters of OD with required explanations of HRD roles. Top companies have maintained such strategic role in sequential way by putting organizational management as initial point that builds the strategic lines for organizational development. There are many things that keep changing the shape of an organization but HR & OD remains same. The innovations in technology, the development of employees or organizational hierarchy depends on the trends of workforce. Workforce can put company into different shape in order to lead for success. This is the corporate approach that is linked with the practices of HRD & OD in modern organizational times. All different specialized managers seek different opportunities in the modern practices. HR managers utilize the development opportunity from organizational management perspectives and this can be possible due to the combined activities of HRD & OD in modern companies. This paper is mainly concerned to HRD role in OD that is termed as corporate thinking and evaluated on the success of ETISALAT.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.