Entrepreneurial University and the Brazilian System for the Evaluation of Higher Education

  •  Elzo Aranha    
  •  Neuza Garcia    


The displacement of the university from an industrial society to a post-industrial society and its new roles, require research into new organizational forms and new proposals to restructure higher education institutions so that the university can contribute to the economic and social growth of the nation. This paper proposes a reflection on the entrepreneurial university in the context of the Brazilian system for the evaluation of higher education (SINAES) in order to analyze the application of the metamodel of the entrepreneurial university as an institutional assessment tool for the reaccreditation of institutions. This paper reviews the literature on the entrepreneurial university and on the metamodel of the entrepreneurial university, in particular. It then presents a proposal for the application of the metamodel dimensions of the entrepreneurial university in the external and internal evaluation processes of higher education institutions.The results obtained in the present reflection are innovative because linking the entrepreneurial university dimensions with the dimensions of the external evaluation tool provide support in the identification and evaluation of programs, projects and actions in the field of entrepreneurship, enabling the identification of elements of entrepreneurial universities in Brazil.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.