How Does Corporate Reputation Affect Innovative Performance?

  •  Yih-Chang Ou    
  •  Li-Chang Hsu    


Corporate reputation has received considerable attention in the managerial academic literature. Whereas most research has focused on financial performance of corporate reputation, research on corporate reputation pointing to innovative performance and corporation internal mechanisms to influence innovative performance achieve has only recently emerged. Since little is known about how corporate reputation affects innovative performance, this study tests the separate moderating effects of human capital and social capital on the relationship between corporate reputation and innovative performance empirically. The sample is derived from a panel dataset of eighty-six Taiwan high-tech firms, covering six high-tech industry sub-sectors for the period 2004–2012. This study not only finds that better human capital moderates between corporate reputation and innovative performance, but also yields novel insight into the higher social capital decreases the effect of corporate reputation on innovative performance.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.