Critical Factors Influencing E-Banking Service Adoption in Jordanian Commercial Banks: A Proposed Model

  •  Ihab Ali El-Qirem    


The primary purpose of this current research is to conduct an investigation into the factors affecting the acceptance of E-Banking by clients who have access to the internet and elicit the opinion of non-internet users about E-Banking. To develop a theoretical framework model for the current study, a literature review relating to the technology acceptance model (TAM) and its various adaptations is being undertaken. The E-Banking has been chosen as an innovative service, whose possible adoption by customers will be investigated. It is believed that the successful adoption of E-Banking will be cost and convenience beneficial for all stakeholders in the financial sector. The current research model purposes an extension to the technology acceptance/ adoption models that account essential factor influence E-Banking services adoption in the Jordanian commercial banks.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 License.